Why Octopress?

Here I am, trying to write a blog again. This time I hope to be more constant...

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Why Octopress?

Here I am, trying to write a blog again. This time I hope to be more constant than last time, besides trying to write in english (sorry for the spelling errors), so this is a big challenge for me.

Ok, and... why Octopress? My answer is 'why not?', I've used with Wordpress for several years, both personal as for work, and I really like it and PHP, but it was time to try another things, and I decided to start to play with Ruby, so let's say that this is a mix of all these things.

I would like to name some of the things that made me decide by octopress:

  • My blog died. Really not, but I've been almost two years without update it, so I started to think about a change.
  • I want to practice and improve my english, so I decided to create a new blog, mainly in english.
  • I like markdown, it's easy to read and edit, it's multi-platform, and exist several apps to work with it (I use Mou, because it's simple and free) and much documentation (Daring Fireball, where markdown born).
  • It's a good reason to play with Ruby, even if I only edit some plugins, I'll be improving my Ruby-skills.
  • Octopress come from Jekyll, so it has many plugins to do easy each typical blogging task and a big community.
  • Finally... It's cool, and I feel like a hacker! Do you know that I can write this post from my iPhone on markdown format, share with Dropbox and deploy on github easily? Further, you can make a pull-request to improve/complete/fix any post. Kevin Mitnick would dream with this!

I hope to write several posts about how to install and configure Octopress, so stay tuned if you are interested in it.

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