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Trying to write a blog (again).

2013 Retrospective. My 5 Pros & Cons.

Just one hour to finish this 2013, and I would like to do a small retrospective about what 2013 was for me. I really hate this kind of posts, because are egocentric, but really I do it for myself (that is the meaning of self-centered, isn’t it?). There are my 5 pros & cons of this year.

Well done!

  • After too much without write on my old-blog, I decided start this blog and try to write on English (sorry my english errors, I need to practice :)).
  • This was the most reader year in my life. I could start to talk about which book I read this year, but my Readmill account explain that better :)
  • I also participate actively on community: first on ‘local’ meetings, but this year I was talking on codemotion, a very important conference for me. I also help as volunteer on NSSpain, the best event which I assisted.
  • I started to learn new programming languages (Ruby mainly, but I had my first contact with Node.js too), leaving my confort zone until now (PHP & Obj-C).
  • I discovered new sports: snowboard & surf. Thanks to my friends for pushing me to do it!


  • This year I traveled very little. Other years I visited some countries, but this year I was very busy with my work, so this is one of my 2014-purposes.
  • Pocket is really a very good tool if you know how to use it. This is not my case: currently I’ve almost 2000 articles pending to read. I’m thinking about remove all of that and start from zero. Really if I didn’t read now, what could be change?
  • I started the gym and I quit. I started to run normally and I quit one more time. I need to be more constant with physical exercise (I say again).
  • I need to improve my english level. I read more, see more english tv-series & films, but really I’ve a
  • I have to spend more time to the people who really matter. Until now work was my excuse, but one month ago I joined to ticketea so I hope to have more time for people (sorry guys).

Maybe on 2013 finish I’ll can check that and smile :)

I’m a Ticketero!

I’m very proud to announce that from today I join to Ticketea team (a ticketing company based on Spain) as iOS developer. Last two years I was divided between management & development tasks, so I wanted focus on my passion: develop.

These days were very intense, but I’m really happy with my new workmates :)

Thank you all for the congratulations & two.

Pucela Testing Days. Testing iOS Applications

As some of you know, I usually assist to Cylicon Valley, a developer community on Castilla y León.

This month, we organized a serie of talks about testing named Pucela Testing Days, so I collaborate talking about state of the art on iOS testing.

There are the video (sorry the quality, but I record myself, so please, attend to the sound and check the slides).

NSSpain 2013

Few months ago was when I first read on twitter about ‘the first iOS-dev conference’ in Spain. At first it seemed another conference with some popular spanish developers talking about common topics, but when organizers started to show who were coming, I realized that it would not be a typical meeting.

First surprising thing was that ALL the talks would be in English, and that was because many of the speakers would be international celebrities, so the event would be followed around the world.

Second interesting thing for me was that it would be a four-days event, something very different from events as I usually assist, so with so long is possible to talk freely with speakers and enjoy of Logroño’s night in their patron’s saint day, this was third reason to finally contact with Borja & Luis (organizers) asking about posibility to be volunteer, result is below (thanks for the photo @juanriaza);)

To be volunteer allowed me to be in contact with all people, and I enjoyed it because I also attended many talks with VERY smart people as @orta & @fabiopelosin talking about our loved CocoaPods, @nachoSoto explaining how to improve our Core Animations with a quick review of different ways to do that, or @steipete, talk which I could not attend, but where people’s head explode trying to understand how obj-c runtime works.

If you want, I started a compilation with some of the slides of this NSSpain which is available on my gist. I can only recommend you that next year assist, and see you there :).