Turn off display on MacBook Air 2018

Posted on Tue 12 March 2019 in misc

As you probably know, the MacBook Air released in 2018 includes TouchID as a way to unlock it. The fingerprint reader is located on the top right, where old Mac keyboards included the Eject key.

Probably you didn't use too much Eject in your not-DVD MacBook, BUT I used to use a shortcut Ctrl + Shift + Eject to turn off Mac's screen, and this is something that I've missed since I bought my new MacBook Air.

Finally I've solved it creating an AppleScript in Automator as a service with the following code.

do shell script ("pmset displaysleepnow")

Automator script

As we've created a new service, we will be able to assign a shortcurt from System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts > Services, in my case, I've assigned Control (^) + Alt + F12 as you can see in the image.


I hope that this will help to someone, and if you solved this in another way, please leave a comment :)