Giving a little soul

Posted on Thu 12 September 2013 in misc • Tagged with AFNetworking, Objective-C, books

I've finally put some order in the web version of AFNetworking book, with the help of Octopress + Octopress themes, so from now I hope to invest my work to improve the content of the book itself.


If you do not know what this is, I advise you to read the …

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Editing 404 page on Github pages

Posted on Sun 08 September 2013 in blog • Tagged with octopress, github

By default Octopress doesn't include a 404 page, so on Github it's showed as follows:

404 github

Usually with a rack server it's needed to modify file to manage exceptions (this web explain this case), but in my case, I can not manage server side, so Github give us another …

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Configuring Octopress

Posted on Sat 07 September 2013 in blog • Tagged with octopress

On the last post I talked about how to deploy octopress on github with your custom domain, but it needs a little bit config to be as I like, you can see more info about that on Octopress configuration, but if you want to know which steps I followed, open …

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Deploying Octopress on github with your domain

Posted on Sat 07 September 2013 in blog • Tagged with octopress, github

I started to write this post because I want to have some place to remember how to install (quickly) another octopress, and I'm too lazy to read again all the documentation.

I followed steps explained on Octopress documentation, but mainly it consists on clone Octopress repo and install required gems …

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Why Octopress?

Posted on Fri 06 September 2013 in blog • Tagged with octopress

Here I am, trying to write a blog again. This time I hope to be more constant than last time, besides trying to write in english (sorry for the spelling errors), so this is a big challenge for me.

Ok, and... why Octopress? My answer is 'why not?', I've used …

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