Codemotion 2013. Introduction to Cocoa Pods

Posted on Sun 20 October 2013 in conferences • Tagged with talks, Cocoa Pods, iOS

As I announced some weeks ago, I was in Codemotion talking about Cocoa Pods. If you want to start to use this useful ruby gem, check my slides (spanish)!

NSSpain 2013

Posted on Fri 20 September 2013 in conferences • Tagged with NSSpain, iOS

Few months ago was when I first read on twitter about 'the first iOS-dev conference' in Spain. At first it seemed another conference with some popular spanish developers talking about common topics, but when organizers started to show who were coming, I realized that it would not be a typical …

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Codemotion 2013

Posted on Fri 13 September 2013 in conferences • Tagged with talks, cocoa pods, iOS

Codemotion is an event to meet up with developers of different technologies and places which takes place in several countries (look all at Codemotion World).

Codemotion logo

Last year was the first event on Spain, and I was there as public, even recording some videos about storyboard on XCode or how to …

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Giving a little soul

Posted on Thu 12 September 2013 in misc • Tagged with AFNetworking, Objective-C, books

I've finally put some order in the web version of AFNetworking book, with the help of Octopress + Octopress themes, so from now I hope to invest my work to improve the content of the book itself.


If you do not know what this is, I advise you to read the …

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Editing 404 page on Github pages

Posted on Sun 08 September 2013 in blog • Tagged with octopress, github

By default Octopress doesn't include a 404 page, so on Github it's showed as follows:

404 github

Usually with a rack server it's needed to modify file to manage exceptions (this web explain this case), but in my case, I can not manage server side, so Github give us another …

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