Configuring Octopress

Posted on Sat 07 September 2013 in blog

On the last post I talked about how to deploy octopress on github with your custom domain, but it needs a little bit config to be as I like, you can see more info about that on Octopress configuration, but if you want to know which steps I followed, open _config.yml file and modify this lines:

permalink: /:year/:month/:day/:title/
category_dir: categories
paginate: 5
pagination_dir:   # It's blank because I don't want /blog before each link page

I found a post about SEO for Octopress websites which explain why and how remove redundant /blog prefix, so I followed it :).

After that, appears a section with 3rd party settings for different social networks and services. I think that there are self-explanatory, so I'll just give a tips: