Using Youtube on iOS while screen is off

Posted on Sun 23 June 2019 in engineering • Tagged with ios, youtube

Some months ago Youtube presented Youtube Premium, a suscription plan that between more features, allows you to continue using video in background mode (while you're viewing another app or when you decide turn off the screen).

This easy tweak will allow you to continue seeing Youtube videos in background as …

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Scaling Amazon Aurora at ticketea

Posted on Fri 19 May 2017 in engineering • Tagged with ticketea, backups

I've written a post about how we scaling AWS Aurora at ticketea when we go to sell some big event. It's available on our engineering blog.

Scaling Amazon Aurora at ticketea

UIActivityViewController workaround to 'Share in WhatsApp' in iOS

Posted on Thu 19 May 2016 in engineering • Tagged with iOS

NOTE: this post was originally posted on Medium, so some comments still leaving there:

UIActivityViewController was introduced in iOS 6 as a helper to share texts, links or images between apps.

It's really easy to work with default services (share on Twitter, Facebook, Mail…), and since several iOS versions, it's also integrated with third-party apps like Slack or Telegram.

Share Activity

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