2013 Retrospective. My 5 Pros & Cons

Posted on Tue 31 December 2013 in personal

Just one hour to finish this 2013, and I would like to do a small retrospective about what 2013 was for me. I really hate this kind of posts, because are egocentric, but really I do it for myself (that is the meaning of self-centered, isn’t it?). There are my 5 pros & cons of this year.

Well done!

  • After too much without write on my old-blog, I decided start this blog and try to write on English (sorry my english errors, I need to practice :)).

  • This was the most reader year in my life. I could start to talk about which book I read this year, but my Readmill account explain that better :)

  • I also participate actively on community: first on ‘local’ meetings, but this year I was talking on codemotion, a very important conference for me. I also help as volunteer on NSSpain, the best event which I assisted.

  • I started to learn new programming languages (Ruby mainly, but I had my first contact with Node.js too), leaving my confort zone until now (PHP & Obj-C).
  • I discovered new sports: snowboard & surf. Thanks to my friends for pushing me to do it!


  • This year I traveled very little. Other years I visited some countries, but this year I was very busy with my work, so this is one of my 2014-purposes.

  • Pocket is really a very good tool if you know how to use it. This is not my case: currently I’ve almost 2000 articles pending to read. I’m thinking about remove all of that and start from zero. Really if I didn’t read now, what could be change?

  • I started the gym and I quit. I started to run normally and I quit one more time. I need to be more constant with physical exercise (I say again).

  • I need to improve my english level. I read more, see more english tv-series & films, but really I'm still having a low level.

  • I have to spend more time to the people who really matter. Until now, work was my excuse, but one month ago I joined to ticketea so I hope to have more time for people (sorry guys).

Maybe on the end of 2014 I’ll be able to check theses purposes and smile :)