Jorge Maroto

Trying to write a blog (again).

Codemotion 2013

Codemotion is an event to meet up with developers of different technologies and places which takes place in several countries (look all at Codemotion World).

Last year was the first event on Spain, and I was there as public, even recording some videos about storyboard on XCode or how to monetize apps. I also saw some talks about Cocos 2D or development for Kinect, but unfortunately my iPhone’s battery does not last as long as I wanted…

This year I decided to send a talk when they opened call-for-papers, and this has been included in the schedule!

If you want to learn a little bit about what is Cocoa Pods, I’ll be happy that you attend to the talk, 19th October, 11:30 – 12:15 in track 6.

See you there! :)

Giving a Little Soul

I’ve finally put some order in the web version of AFNetworking book, with the help of Octopress + Octopress themes, so from now I hope to invest my work to improve the content of the book itself.

If you do not know what this is, I advise you to read the disclaimer and do not forget you can collaborate through github and download the book in its versions in .epub and .mobi to your favorite reader

Editing 404 Page on Github Pages

By default Octopress doesn’t include a 404 page, so on Github it’s showed as follows:

Usually with a rack server it’s needed to modify file to manage exceptions (this web explain this case), but in my case, I can not manage server side, so Github give us another way: they interpret a 404.html file as a default 404 page, as you can read on their documentation.

Configuring Octopress

On the last post I talked about how to deploy octopress on github with your custom domain, but it needs a little bit config to be as I like, you can see more info about that on Octopress configuration, but if you want to know which steps I followed, open _config.yml file and modify this lines:

permalink: /:year/:month/:day/:title/
category_dir: categories
paginate: 5
pagination_dir:   # It's blank because I don't want /blog before each link page

I found a post about SEO for Octopress websites which explain why and how remove redundant /blog prefix, so I followed it :).

Deploying Octopress on Github With Your Domain

I started to write this post because I want to have some place to remember how to install (quickly) another octopress, and I’m too lazy to read again all the documentation.

I followed steps explained on Octopress documentation, but mainly it consists on clone Octopress repo and install required gems:

git clone git://
bundle install #

After that, you need to create a repository on Github as they explain on their github guide, you can choose between two ways.
In my case I going to create a repo with my name (, so after that I can update all the content to master branch. At this point, you can execute rake task, which will be a wizard to configure all.

rake setup_github_pages
rake install